5 Reasons why you should keep on top of website updates

5 Reasons why you should keep on top of website updates

Keeping your website up to date seems like a small thing, and you wouldn’t be alone if you thought the same. Just as industries are constantly changing and being shaped, websites must follow this same path. A decent website update will do just that!


  1. Relevant content is king

    No website has content that will be perfectly relevant a year from now, and it’s important to steer away from relying on evergreen content with the idea of “Well it works”. As things change within your industry and within your business, your website should be updated to reflect this as best it can. Your business offering a new service? Keep your users in the loop, with a website update that matches!

  2. Bugs

    There’s always going to be a bug somewhere, however you just might not have found it yet. Keeping on top of your website with regular updates also means fixing any lingering bugs you may be experiencing, or that may come up as a result of new features being added. Failing to update your website all the time to address these issues can drive users away from your site. No-one wants to use something that doesn’t work properly.

  3. Renovate and rejuvenate

    Whilst one design might work well and give users a great browsing experience, they inevitably become old and tired, your website should be constantly updated to follow the latest trends and ideas to keep a modern and approachable look. With the breakneck pace the web is currently moving at, designs and layouts are quickly becoming outdated to make way for fresh ideas which your users will love.

  4. SEO

    Keeping your website up to date also means constantly improving your on-site SEO, whilst this may be subtle things that the user may not even notice during their browsing, it will greatly benefit where your page shows up in search results. If you set and forget your website, it will quickly be forgotten.

  5. Keep up with the competition

    Your competition will be constantly updating their site to reflect changes in the business, in the market, or anything that could affect them and their customers. By neglecting to update your website to keep up with the rest, you’ll quickly see yourself falling behind.