5 Reasons why a Good Web Host is worth paying for!

5 Reasons why a Good Web Host is worth paying for!

A web host will always play one of, if not the most critical role in making sure that your website runs like you want it to! They ensure your users have a good experience whilst doing so. They hold a position which is overlooked by most people. So you’d be forgiven for underestimating the effect a bad web host can have on you. Think of them as the foundations for your website. While you can go cheap and be fine initially, eventually you’ll outgrow what those foundations can accommodate… A move will be even more expensive and can be difficult.


  1. Reliability

    No-one likes a website that always seems to be down or ‘playing up’ whenever they try and access it. And, whilst most websites struggle to hit the 99% uptime mark, you won’t be doing yourself any favours by going to a cheap and more unknown web host. Instead of a more expensive but better known one.

  2. Speed

    In this fast moving digital age, if things aren’t quick people quickly get frustrated and leave for something else. (Take broadband as an example!). The same is also true for your website. A cheaper web host may throttle your speed, meaning longer load times and more frustrations all round for your users and yourself.

  3. Data

    Whist a limited data plan might not seem like a big issue to start with. You’ll find that as your website starts to grow with your business, you’ll quickly be running into issues. When you hit that cap it’ll be like your website has gone down completely. No-one will be able to appreciate the effort you’ve poured into making it look great (It’ll also effect your search rankings!).

  4. Frustration

    Going for a well known and well established web host can save you frustrations in the long run, and in the short. Need to make a small change to a page or a site-wide alteration? A cheaper web host may not have the proper facilities to do so. Got an issue with your website? A cheaper web host will most likely be much harder to get into contact with. ALso, any major issues affecting your site could take much longer to be fixed.

  5. SEO

    Think you’ve got on-site SEO down to a tee? With search engine algorithms getting more and more complex every day… It’s important to look at every aspect of your website when working on SEO. A poor web host can account for a variety of different things, like uptime (or lack thereof) and long loading times to name a few.