Why Web Design shouldn’t be overlooked

Why Web Design shouldn’t be overlooked

Almost everyone has a website nowadays, but not all have been created equal. The key to an amazing site is proper web design! This lays out the foundations that your site will be built on, and makes sure that you have all the tools to expand and add features as you please.

  1. A place to start from

    Forward planning is a critical part of anything in business, and websites are no exception to this. If you only build your site to do what you need currently, it will very quickly become outdated and unsuitable for your ever changing needs, a properly desgined and built site will take all of this into account, allowing it to adapt and grow with your business without struggling to cope with the features and content you want.

  2. Good web design builds trust

    A properly designed and good looking site has more benefits than you might think. You want to impress anyone that visits your site, and get them to stay and have a look around, if your site was poorly designed and did not look good, users would almost immediately distrust the site and not want to spend much time, if any, looking around at the content that is hosted there and at the services your business is offering.

  3. Your website is an extension of your brand…

    …So treat it like a branding outlet! If a customer comes to your site in search of information about your company or products, they’ll be expecting the same kind of quality that your branding has given them, a shoddy site will only put users off and reduce your conversion rates! This also works both ways, if your site can pack a wow factor and impress visitors, it’ll go towards increasing your brand identity and reputation.

  4. SEO

    A good SEO plan effects the very roots of a website, and builds on it from that point. If your website is not built with SEO in mind, then it will be dfficult to correct later on. A good website will take reading patterns into account when bulding pages and posts to make sure readability is as high as possible and that users are more likely to see the information they want to see.